Anew You Studio LLC  - Advanced Permanent Cosmetics

Master Artist, State Certified Instructor & Tattoo School Owner

Specialist in Corrective Procedures

If you have been the recipient of a poorly executed cosmetic tattoo for brows, liner or lips - I can help! As an experienced correction expert, I routinely take on the most difficult cases, including those recommended for laser removal and surgical excision. Much of my time is spent on repairing work done throughout Oregon and other nearby states including Washington, and California.

With techniques developed over many years, I can completely repair or significantly improve serious issues with asymmetry, shape, color, size, placement, and leveling (as applicable). Most problems can be addressed within a few sessions, usually 2 to 4, depending on severity. Problems that can be addressed and/or resolved include: 

~Undesired color - too dark, green, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, black, etc.
~Asymmetric shape or a shape that is uncomplimentary
~Un-level brows
~Placement that is too high, too low, or a combination

~Angularity from left to right doesn't match

~The placement is wrong - too high, too low, too close together, too far apart, unevenly spaced, etc.

Correctitve work is much more difficult and technically challenging than tattooing on untouched skin. Taking time to assess the problem(s), developing a treatment strategy, and patience are all components for an optimal outcome.  Depending on the nature and severity of the issue(s), multiple services are usually needed to achieve acceptable results.