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Master Artist, State Certified Instructor & Tattoo School Owner

Lip Color Correction, Aesthetic Repair & Camouflage

Lip tissue can be very unpredictable relating to color uptake and retention. As a corrective cosmetic an medical tattoo expert, my lip services focus on repairing poorly executed tattoos (asymmetry, undesired color, uneven lines and shape) and working with compromised tissue from injury, surgery, and congenital or medical conditions which need corrective intervention to create a good aesthetic result. 

Corrective services for lips include restoring an uneven lip line (vermilion border), correcting undesired shape or color from a prior tattoo, camouflaging scars from cleft repair, injury or surgery, and collagen induction therapy to plump, fill, smooth scars or or lines around the lips. 

General costs for these services are listed on the pricing area of this website, and include 2 sessions. Most corrective issues require an in-person assessment for scope of work and accurate quotation. Please call, text or email to set up a free consultation.