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Master Artist, State Certified Instructor & Tattoo School Owner


Permanent eyeliner is a great way to define your eyes, and you'll love waking up looking great!  Imagine life without struggling to apply eyeliner with no smears or smudges. With permanent liner you can enjoy swimming, sports, or other activities without the worry of sweating or washing off, and it's the perfect solution for contact lens wearers or anyone with sensitive, allergy eyes or dexterity issues. Quite literally, permanent eyeliner can instantly change your life for the better!

Many first time clients express concern about a potentially painful experience. To allay those fears, know that multiple topical anesthetics are used liberally throughout the entire procedure to ensure the most pain-free process possible.
 Your comfort is very important to me, and to that end I will never rush the process or skimp on anesthetic products. Ample time is spent before the procedure, and also all along the way to make sure your tissue is as numb as possible.

Many colors are available, and custom mixing is also an option. If you have a very unique color request, please let me know in advance so there is time to acquire what you want. Dimensions of length and width can vary depending on whatever your preference, from a thin, conservative line to medium width (approximately the width at the center of a toothpick). I no longer offer thick liner, as it causes too much trauma to lid tissue and cannot be safely or effectively completed in 2 (standard) sessions.