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Client Reviews & Comments

​Cherie - Eyebrows

Thank you so much to Angela Taylor, at Anew You! I had the pleasure of having her do my eyebrows and I LOVE THEM! She took her time and made sure it was pain free! Made me feel comfortable and like my opinion mattered. She went over every detail and step thoroughly! I felt like it was something we did together, and not just something, she did. I very much enjoyed going to her, and look forward to working with her again!

Laura - Scalp Micropigmentation

Angie, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE it! Much better - I appreciate your dedication and hard work... I am thrilled!

Sarah - Eyebrows

Thank you so much! I can't stop looking in the mirror... I am in love with my eyebrows!

Cindi - Eyeliner & Eyebrows

Thank you for taking time and putting great care in your work. I appreciate you!

Libba - Eyebrows

This was a great experience. I love the end product and there was no pain at all. Angela is a genius! Can;t wait to go back for the follow up. Everything went just as I was told.

Nancy - Eyebrows

My brows are looking great! I love what you did with the shape and color - the blonde strands look very natural. I'm s excited about them! Thanks for your extra time and your artistry in creating this look for me!

Nikki - Eyebrows

My eyebrows are AMAZING!!! I am so happy with them!!!!!!!

Joey - Eyebrows

I have never before gotten spontaneous complements on my brows, but I am now!!!

​Becky - Eyebrows & Eyeliner/Eyeliner Correction

​Great Experience! Friendly! Great quality of work!!!

Nicolette - Eyebrows

I got my eyebrows tattooed last weekend. Angie did an absolutely amazing job! She tattooed each stroke of hair for a very natural look. She listened to everything I said or asked for. She measured everything meticulously so my eyebrows ended up being perfectly symmetrical - way more so than my original brows! The symmetry of my whole face changed for the better. I must warn you that you may hate them the day they are done - the color is bold at first and the new look takes some getting used to. The boldness starts to fade (in a good way), and after three days, I was absolutely in LOVE!!! They look amazing! Angie is an artist by nature. She is VERY detail oriented, and absolutely wonderful with colors. I highly recommend Angie at ANEW YOU STUDIO. Very happy customer here!

Joye - Eyebrows

I just love my eyebrows! They look so real and it has eliminated that challenge of getting up each morning and spending so much time drawing them on. I appreciate you so much. Thank you again.

Janice - Eyebrow Repair
I had my eyebrows tattooed 10 years ago in Portland and wanted corrections done since day one. Throughout the Willamette Valley, every time I was in a salon I would look at brow results from other artists and they all looked the same, very plain and un-natural. I am so thankful I found Angela. I asked for a soft, sexy, and feminine brow but also a very defined brow. A professional brow. Angela listened to my requests down to every last detail. Such quality. Pure perfection! She truly cares about her customers. I am so happy with my results!! --Thank you Angela!

Karen - Eyebrows

I absolutely love my tattooed eyebrows by Angie! They are saving me precious time in the morning getting ready for the day. I feel pretty and more confident! I appreciate Angie's attention to detail. She truly cares about her customers wants and needs. Thanks Angie - you're the best!

Jana - Eyeliner

​Had my eyeliner touched up by the amazing Angie Taylor of Anew You. She is so great.... NO PAIN at all and awesome results!

Casey - Eyebrow Repair

Best investment and Angie Taylor is the only one I'd recommend. Everyone comes to her for corrective work from others, she definitely improved mine by a ton! Artistic abilities don't even explain her work. 

I'm a walking referral and get comments on how perfect my brows are and if I could help them do theirs. When I explain it's not pencil - it's permanent make-up, their jaws drop!

Dawn - Eyebrows
Angie is amazing, she has given me the eyebrows that I never thought was possible. It makes my mornings so much easier. If you've ever thought "I wish I didn't have to deal with my eyebrows every morning", give Angie a call. You'll love her and her amazing talent. 

Christina - Skin/Micro Needling
She is absolutely WONDERFUL! Very talented and so kind! Love her!

Lynne - Eyebrows
No one but Angie gets to touch my brows!

Lynette - Eyeliner
Angie is absolutely the best ever - love her!

Cynthia - Eyebrows
Ladies, if you are considering getting permanent cosmetics, Angela Taylor is the person you want to go to. I had my eyebrows tattooed 9 years ago and came to Angela to have some corrections done. 

To say she is a perfectionist is to put it mildly. First, we found the right color for my skin tone. Then she talked with me about what I was looking for, then we found a stencil that matched my wants, then she measured to make sure she was drawing the eyebrows symmetrically. Then, she had me look at myself to make sure my eyebrows were drawn the way I wanted them. A few adjustments were made due to my asymmetrical face, and I checked my eyebrows from multiple angles to make sure I was completely satisfied before tattooing started. She made sure I was completely numb before beginning and then commenced to tattoo my eyebrows hair by hair stroke. She really took her time and not once did she make me feel rushed.

She truly wants her clients to love her work. Words cannot begin to express how happy I am with my eyebrows. I didn't know they could look this good. I have had several people ask me how I groom my eyebrows, and when I tell them they are tattooed, they are shocked and tell me they look so natural. Thank you Angela for the amazing work you do!

Jennifer - Eyebrows
Angie did my eyebrows and I love them! I highly recommend her. 

Cheryl - Eyeliner
Angela, I have to tell you that the procedure you did yesterday afternoon for my eyeliner was amazing!  I have no swelling and haven’t even needed to put ice on my eyes.  I have my contacts in today and feel just fine.  Thank you again for making this a pleasant experience!! 

Nan - Eyebrows
I love my eyebrows, they look great! Thanks, Nan

Tonya - Eyebrow Repair
​Good Morning! Thank you so much for the amazing job that you did on my eyebrows they look amazing!

Danuta - Eyebrows
[Eyebrows are] Awesome! I love them and thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you

Melinda - Eyebrow Repair
I'm loving the brows!! I'm so glamorous... I love them. Might do liner next!!

Tonya - Eyebrow Repair
My eyebrows look amazing! It's so nice not to have to draw them in every day!

Laura - Eyebrow Repair & Touchup
I came back to have my eyebrows touched up a week ago.  Angie did a beautiful job 2 years ago and did not disappoint with this touch up.  I am so happy with her work and love how my eyebrows look.  She takes her time, is thorough, artistic, and individualizes the treatment to match your needs.  Would totally recommend her to anyone looking for permanent cosmetic work.  Thank you Angie!

Alysia - Eyebrows
I am in love with my brows! I honestly cannot be more grateful for your beautiful work!

Julie - Eyebrow Repair
​Angie, you are a life-saver!  Over the past few months, you have demonstrated professionalism in everything you do. You have worked tediously using your great skill correcting work done by previous cosmetic tattooers. You are a positive person with a special artistic talent whom I have enjoyed getting to know. I would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for all you have done!

​​Carol - Eyeliner
My eyeliner is wonderful. She is remarkable and her work is always professional.

Danuta - Eyebrows
You are amazing!!! I love my eyebrows!

Christi - Eyebrows
Just got my eyebrow tattooing touch up from 2 plus years ago with Angie at A new You Studio here in Salem I have to say she is the most professional cosmetic tattooing artist around. It is so worth it ladies to go and get your eyebrows tattooed so you can wake up with makeup. Call Angie at 503-409-8491, you are worth it, and I can guarantee that Angie will make you feel that way!

Marge - Eyebrows
This is nothing, NOTHING like the experience I had before. There was no pain, I’m really pleased. It looks great! Thanks Angie!

Michaelline - Eyebrows
I could go on and on about how amazing you are, Angie! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for my face! Best cosmetic tattooing in the Northwest, if not North America at least!

Erin - Eyebrows
This is absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself! Thank you Angie!

Heather - Eyeliner
To whom it may concern, I feel privileged to have found Angela Taylor, a cosmetic tattoo artist for Anew You, to tattoo my eyeliner. Angela was very professional, explaining each part of the process of before, during, and after my new tattoo. She thoughtfully discussed my preferences and asked me to show her how I normally apply my store bought eyeliner. Her shop was extremely sanitary, and everything was handled with new gloves. Angela prepared her station, opened all sanitary tools, and asked if I had any questions. She even suggested I take a Benadryl to settle my eyes from watering for and easier experience. I was then numbed; we waited for it to fully work, to ensure I was completely ready for a good experience. Angela showed me my tattoo in progress, making sure I was pleased at how it was looking. She finished up and gave me a little after care cream to put on my eyes, and suggested ice and sleeping at an upward angel. I truly love the results I received, the experience I had, and I will definitely recommend Angela Taylor with Anew You anytime for cosmetic tattooing. 

Michelle - Eyebrows
Since I was 14, I had struggled every single day with my “invisible eyebrows”. I tried everything you could imagine to “fix them” (make-up, dye shaping etc.) I always wanted to get my eyebrows tattooed on but I hadn’t found the right artist and I was more than willing to wait until I did. 

Angie was a God send, I believe in following your gut and my instincts about her really came through! I have had my eyebrows for a few months now and I could not be happier with not only my results but the entire process. I trust her work and I love the fact that she gladly backs it up. It’s obvious that her #1 concern is long term customer satisfaction. She gave great post care instructions and made it clear that she was never more than a phone call away if I was unsure about how to care for them.

The moment I walked into Angie’s shop, I immediately felt at ease. She was relaxed, confident and thorough. She mentioned several times that this procedure was a process and we have all the time we need for me to make the right choice on color and shape. 

She answered all of my questions in detail and I felt very in charge of the choice I was making for my permanent cosmetics. Angie was very patient with my indecisiveness on color and mixed several options (patiently waiting with zero frustration) but made it very clear that this was my decision and not hers. She offered suggestions that would work best with my skin tone but was very unwilling to make the final call.  Overall, my life has changed in such a positive way because of Angie; she has amazing talent, a great ink line, is trustworthy, honest, and genuinely cares about her clients. Who could ask for more? Thanks Angie! 

Carolyn - Eyeliner
Had my last eyeliner touch-up at Anew You Studio by Angie Taylor, and as always it was very well done and comfortable. I dozed off through half of it. If interested, you can set up an appointment 503-383-6389. It is a very comforting and clean shop. Eyeliner is not the only thing that Angela does.

Donna - Eyebrows
Beautiful website...awesome work..........thank you for all you did for are a bright and beautiful being!!! Love and light....

Jennifer - Eyebrows
Angie at Anew You Studio is AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend her if you're considering cosmetic tattoo. No one knows about my tattoos unless I tell them... that's how awesome Angie is at what she does!!

Bry - Eyeliner
This is the gal who now does my eyeliner - she truly is the best in the entire area. Her name is ANGIE TAYLOR. And every person I have sent to her has said it was the best experience ever - especially those who have had work done somewhere else. Please call her today for a free consult at 503-409-8491

Janet - Eyeliner
Angie, thank you so much for making my first cosmetic tattoo (eyeliner) a very pleasant experience. Having someone i trusted was a must and who i felt knew what i wanted. You were both and i felt so much at ease. I did my research and your technique and ethics was way better than the other gals i looked into. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to get their first & touch-ups, as i know clients come to you to fix another's bad job on them. You were also very reasonably affordable as well. Thank you from bottom of my heart, you ROCK!

Shanna - Post Mastectomy Tattooing
Angie is absolutely amazing at post mastectomy tattooing!!! What doctors took away, she helped me gain it back.

Leann - Eyebrows
Angie is amazing!! I have had my eye brows done. Love them, before they were very blonde and hard to see! Angie made me feel very relaxed and pain free. Since then, I have gone back, and in the process of doing a treatment called needling, which aids in getting rid of wrinkles, and camouflaging scar tissue the results have been unbelievable. Angie is a master at her work and she takes it very seriously. Her location is beautiful, very relaxing and very professional. Your amazing Angie, Keep up the good work! Thanks, Leann

Tammy - Eyebrows
My brows are great by the way. No one even knows they are tattooed, they look so natural. I love them, thanks!

Merla - Skin needling
Hello Angie,  Thanks so much for the treatment!!  My face is doing well and I can see improvement!!! 

Bev - Eyeliner & Eyebrows
Angie is the best at what she does. I am very happy with the work she did for me - eyeliner and eyebrows, plus she is a super person, very caring and walks you thru the whole process. I would highly support Angie in what she does. Very good also at coloring etc.

Dana - Eyebrows
I'm soooo excited to have brows! There is nothing like getting out of the shower and having them already there! Thanks for the dandy brows... I've been told that I look foxy!

Kristin - Eyebrows & Lip Liner
Hi Angie! I must say I am just loving the heck out of my eyebrows! I get lots of compliments on them, once people find out they are tattoos. You're a master!
Donna - Eyebrows
Angie does such a great job. She's a perfectionist so the finished work is amazing.

Jennifer - Eyeliner & Eyebrows
Since I was 13 years old I have spent soooo much money and time on make-up. I wish I would have went to Angie years ago. My eyelashes and eyebrows are so blonde, it looks as though I have NONE. I would not step out of the house or open my door until I spent about a 1/2 hour drawing on eye liner and brows in addition to all the other make up I wear. Angie did my eye brows and eyeliner. Not only does that save me money and a half hour every day (3 1/2 hours a week) but also... nobody can tell my eyebrows and eyeliner are tattoos. She is very careful to listen to what you want and make sure you are comfortable.

Sharon - Eyeliner
Angie did my eyeliner and I am loving it!!!

Lisa - Eyebrow Repair
I have been working with Angie for several months now. She is helping me to fix my terrible brow tattoo work done by a salon that is in Clackamas, Oregon. Angie is such a perfectionist at her craft I sure wish I would have known about her the first go round. Corrective work is very very difficult and requires someone with a lot of skill and experience. To salvage poor work successfully is next to impossible. ANGIE does stellar work and if you go to her you will be happy with the results. If you have to travel a ways to get to her - do it!!! Trust me it is worth it. Angie truly cares about her clients. I was so amazed at how pain free her technique reall was - is! I highly recommend all of her services.

Dawn - Eyebrows & Eyeliner
I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows and liner! It's been awesome, it's been totally "Pain Free"! Angie is AWESOME! Thank you Angie!

Vicki - Eyebrows
I love my eyebrows too! Angie is so talented!!!

Rosalie - Eyebrows
Angie is an Artist, very professional in her care and I recommend her to anyone looking for perfection!

Lori - Eyebrows
Anew You is awesome. I had an appointment yesterday with Angie Taylor. She tattooed my eyebrows. She did a fantastic job! She was friendly, she took her time with me & went above & beyond my expecrtations! I would suggest her to anyone!

Tammy - Eyebrows
She did an awesome job on my brows! My regular waxer didn't realize I did them because they look so natural. Thanks Angie for a great job! Eyeliner soon!

Jana - Eyeliner
Had a great day... Then had my eyeliner appointment. Angie Taylor of Anew You did an amazing job tattooing eyeliner on me! It's so awesome! I'm so glad I did it... Really is wonderful for this chick who hates to wear makeup! Angie Taylor thank you so much for my eyeliner! It's so awesome and I love it! You do a fantastic job at keeping the client comfortable while doing a great job on the tattooing! There is no one I would trust to do this but you! You ROCK!!!

Jennifer - Eyebrows & Eyeliner
Angie did my eyeliner and eyebrows. There is no pain. The worst part of the whole process is a couple of days after. The healing process gets itchy if you don't keep ointment on it while it heals. I love my brows and liner.

Loving them! My eyebrows are so blonde, before the tattoo it looked like I had no eyebrows. Before she did my brows and eyeliner there was no way that I would post a selfie with out any makeup on. I still have all my other make up to do but this cut way back on the amount of time I spend doing it. For those that asked... here it is. My no make up selfie. Also, no it does not hurt. You can do darker, lighter, thicker, thinner.... She listens to what you want. 

Sara - Eyeliner
I got my eyeliner tattooed by Angie at Anew You Studio for the first time a little over a month ago and was so excited for the next appointment I could hardly wait. While at first I was very timid and asked for the lightest and thinnest line possible, after seeing the most perfect line along my lashes I was confident in Angie's amazing and meticulous work and wanted to go bolder and darker in my second session. I'm sure I was much more picky than most but she never let me feel like I was demanding. I would say "see that tiny spot between my lashes? Could you put a tiny little dot there?" (And I mean like the size of a hair - tiny!) and she said, "yes, I see it" and said it was no problem. I am so incredibly happy with the results. I have already gained literally hours of my life every day because I had this simple procedure. In the photo I have a tiny swipe of mascara but just along the tips you would almost think I was born this way! It looks natural and I feel beautiful. Thank you so much Angie!

Vicki  - Needling & Eyebrows
Yes! Angie does a fantastic job!

Deanna - Eyebrows
I have always wanted to have my eyebrows done, but I did not want it to look like a tattoo. Well, Angie did an awesome job making my eyebrows look very natural. She is very passionate about what she does. I would and have let my friends know what a wonderful job she does!!! So, so happy I found her... Thank you very, very much Angie. 

Mikey - Eyebrows
Angie, it's been a year since you worked your amazing magic on my face. I admire your work every day and am so thankful for your talent. I couldn't even begin to thank you enough. You seriously have changed my life and how I feel about myself. Thank you!

Lynelle - Eyeliner
Actually my appointment was yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I had my 2nd appointment with Angie for my permanent eyeliner and I LOVE it. She is truly compassionate, meticulous, and very gifted at what she does. You ROCK Angie!  Also, I spent the weekend with my girls, Dar and Deanna V and the word used to describe how they feel about their new brows was ELATED!!!!!!!

Christi - Eyebrows & Needling
They are the best, Angie is the best, love my eyebrows! They are on for life with just a few touchups every few years. LOVE THEM

Dawn - Eyebrows & Eyeliner
I LOVE Angie, she has made my life so much easier. I've got eyebrows and eyeliner done. Even when I don't have "my face on", I still look like I can be out in public. Angie is "The Best"! :-)

Suzi - Eyebrows
Thank you Angie!!!! I love my new brows! I know it's only been a week and I will be back next month for my 30 day follow up. But, your artistic ability makes me think I'm perfect now. LOL LOL Since you are the expert and encourage the follow up, I will be back and IF there are any touchups needed I know you will do the best job ever. I must say even after all the research I did beforehand, I was still nervous about trusting someone with my face. I strongly suggest if anyone is a skeptic they need to have a consultation with you and hear the detail and professionalism that you have to offer. Even on the phone conversation we had, prior to my visit, I knew you were the one. Thanks again and I will be telling people about you for years to come. Sincerely, Suzi G.

Laura - Eyebrows
I just finished having Angie do my eyebrows to include repair of another artist's old work. She is fantastic! Takes her time, extremely thorough and professional with beautiful results. Can't say enough good things about her work! Will definitely follow up with her for all future permanent cosmetic needs.

Patti - Eyeliner
I forget to tell you how much I'm enjoying my eyeliner! I love your perfectionism. "Anew You Studio for Permanent Cosmetics" does an amazing job with eyeliner. Angie made the procedure very comfortable and every day I love the results. If you are thinking about eye liner or eyebrows give Angie a call!

Pinkie - Eyebrows
Just had to let you know how much I love my eyebrows! They are just perfect! Thanks for the great job you did.

Leslie - Eyebrows
They (eyebrows) look great! I am very happy with how they turned out. Thank you again!

Jenna - Eyebrows
I couldn't be more pleased with the work Angie at Anew You Studio has done on my eyebrows!  I had a large scar (about 1") on my right eyebrow, and the hair never re-grew where the scar was.  Additionally, there was some redness surrounding the scar that was not dissipating, even after 2.5 years.  I had been thinking about cosmetic tattooing for over a year, but had to postpone due to my pregnancy (as well as the fears I had about how the procedure would look/feel/cost/improve my appearance).  I am so happy I waited and was able to find Anew You Studio - it was definitely worth the wait (and the drive to Salem from the Portland suburbs).

I had no idea what to expect, but Angie put me at ease by explaining the process, being up front about costs, listening to my feedback, and taking the time to make sure I was happy and the procedure was painless and a great experience!  I am so pleased with the results I have gotten.  My eyebrows are beautiful, even, and natural looking.  The scar that had caused me much "appearance anxiety" is no longer noticeable, and the redness surrounding the scar has been greatly reduced as well.   Angie took her time and used her expertise in order to achieve the best possible results for me, and for taht I am so grateful!  I can not say enough positive things about my experience and about Angie herself.  I would refer anyone to her - from my "old fashioned" Mother to my "hippest" friend.  Thanks Again!

Christi - Eyebrows
She is amazing.  I didn't have any scars, I just have very, very light color eyebrows and Angie made the difference with color and shape... love, love them.  I now wake up with makeup.  Your brows are the frame of your face and mine are perfect now thanks to Angie... just do it!!!

Lynelle - Eyeliner
She's amazing!

Ellen - Eyeliner
Angie gave me permanent eyeliner.  I am so very happy with it!

Dawn - Eyeliner & Eyebrows
She did my liner "upper and lower", and I fell asleep. Same with my brows. She is amazing, and super cautious.  The whole thing was totally "Pain Free"!

Lorinda - Eyebrows
Angie did such an amazing job on my eyebrow tattoos!! I would highly recommend Angie, she takes her time to get to know you, she asks questions to better understand what your wants and needs are. You are not rushed during your consultation or appointments, she definitely takes her time with you and it shows in her work she does. The best way to describe Angie is "Flawless".

Kae - Skin Needling
Angie did a good job and I wish I could afford more!  I will someday again, Angie.

Meagan - Eyebrows
Angie Taylor, you are a testament to my good brows!

Bev - Eyeliner & Eyebrows
She does a fantastic job. I have had my brows and liner done by her, and very happy with the work!

Kristi - Eyebrows
Love my brows. Angie is the bomb!

Wendi - Eyebrows
My first visit was today and Angie made me feel comfortable and she gave great advice.  I love my eyebrows and can't wait to show them off!!!

Hillary - Eyebrows & Eyeliner
Angie, you go above and beyond to make sure your customers are happy with the results.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to get their makeup tattooed on.  You make sure it's exactly what your customers want even if it takes extra sessions.  My eyebrows and eyeliner look amazing!  I'm very happy with the results.  Thank you again!

Annie - Eyebrows
Angie is a great artist, very detail oriented.  She takes time to listen and makes sure you get the results that you desire.  Very happy customer here!

Brenda - Eyebrows
I want to give a shout out to Angie Taylor, the owner of Anew You Studio cosmetic tattoos.  I saw her today and she did a fantastic job on me.  Angie does eyebrows, eyeliner, lips.  If anyone needs or wants any of these services done, Angie is the one! She is very nice and great to talk to. Thanks again Angie!!!

Cindy - Eyebrows & Eyeliner
Angie is AWESOME! She did brows and eyeliner that look fantastic! Best thing I ever did for myself. 

Suzy - Eyebrows
I have had the most rewarding experience with Angie at Anew You Studio.  My eyebrows were pretty much invisible and sparse. She gave me brows that I just love!! Angie is amazing. She is passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting permanent cosmetics.

Katy - Eyeliner
I love my eyeliner that Angie did!

Tima - Eyebrows
Soooooo extremely Happy!!!  Angie had to correct my eyebrows that somebody else messed up on and she did an amazing job.  I have Alopecia so I have no hair anywhere on my body.  My eyebrows look real and perfect!!!  Thank you so much Angie I am forever grateful!!!

Christina - Eyebrows
I recently had cosmetic tattooing done with Angie and I was so impressed with the passion and pride she takes in her work.  She is extremely knowledgeable at her craft.  She knew how nervous I was prior to my appointment and she took whatever steps necessary to put my mind at ease with the procedure.  She not only made me feel relaxed, welcome, and confident with her work but she also took the time to explain to my mother (she went with me) what the process was and step by step what we were doing.  I had met with other cosmetic tattoo artists prior to meeting Angie and I wasn't thrilled by what I was seeing.  Angie knew what she was doing and I plan on going back to her for any work I'll need done.  I've recommended her to at least 30 people since I left her office!

Denise - Eyebrows
Angela does a phenomenal job!  She pays close attention to detail and is quite the artist!  She also strives to make the customer happy, and will continue until you are perfectly satisfied.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Shana - Eyebrows
Angie is amazing!!!  She works with you getting just the perfect color and shape for your eyebrows.  The process is absolutely painless, in fact I could have gone to sleep if I wasn't afraid of snoring!!!  Don't wait, let her be the one to make it permanent!

Dana - Eyebrows
Having my eyebrows tattooed was a painless procedure.  Angie explains the process of tattooing very well, so that her clients are well informed before, during and after the procedure.  Angie performs her cosmetic tattooing respectfully and artfully.  I've been very happy with the results and am enjoying the freedom from the eyebrow pencil!

Donna - Eyebrows
I highly recommend her!

Tricia - Eyeliner
Angie does an amazing job and I recommend everyone to her!

Dawn - Eyebrows
She's the VERY best... her work is impeccable! 

Jeanette - Correction of Eyebrows and Eyeliner
I want to thank Angie for the AWESOME job she did in correcting what others had made a mess of! Now I feel good about how it looks.  She really cares and goes above and beyond to make it right.  I am truly amazed at the end result. I would NEVER even think of going to anyone else. If you want it done professionally she is the one to see. Thank you Angie!!!

Gloria - Post Mastectomy Tattooing
Angie thank you so much for all the caring and compassion.   Taking the time to put me at ease and making the experience almost fun... you're the best!!!  One day out and feeling great.  Pain free and already happy with the results.  Looking forward to our next appointment, for the finishing touches.  Thank you again!

Erin - Lip Liner Correction and Eyebrows
Angela is truly in a league all her own.  After having barely there eybrows all my life and drawing them on with pencils since I was a teen, I can finally proudly say I have effort free, perfect eyebrows!  She is a blessing to all those who have the opportunity to know and work with her.  Best wishes for continued success!

Diana - Eyebrow Correction and subsequent Touch Ups
My eybrows have been done by Angie and I LOVE them!  She is so sweet and "gentle" and will not start until you feel "nothing".  I usually fall asleep during her work and wake up feeling great!  If anyone is on the fence, just go to Angie and you will never regret it - promise!

Dawn - Eyebrows and Subsequent Touch Up
Ok. I told you all that I was going to get my eyebrows touched up on Saturday.  If you have to spend time every morning dealing with your brows, consider having them cosmetically tattooed.  It is "Painless", and Angie at Anew You Studio for Cosmetic Tattoos is AMAZING.  So just to let you know.... my mornings are so much easier to get ready to head out the door. Happy Monday everyone!

Shannon - Eyebrow Correction
Angie has given me my confidence back!  From the moment we met, my search for an artist was over.  This is a business she was born to do, she's compassionate, extremely thorough and patient.  She was assertive to my desires and calmed myfears.  My lack of eyebrows once made me walk with my head down.  Upon completion, I'm not afraid of confrontation and will always be eternally grateful for what she's done for me.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Thanks again Angie!

Sandra - Eyebrows
Angela was organized and thoughtful and skilled. Today is the first day with my new eyebrows - so far so good!!! 

Jeanette - Corrections for Brows, Eyeliner, and Lip Liner
Thank you for all you did! You are a true artist. So happy that I found you, and you made everything look good - plus I made a very a good friend!

Tess - Eyeliner
I have to say Angie every morning when I look in the mirror! I am thankful for my eyeliner.

Phyllis - Eyebrows
I have been so pleased with the transformation of my eyebrows! What a great job, Angie, and a real pleasure to be your client!

Karen - Eyebrows
I was in on Saturday and Angela Taylor did my eyebrows. I love them! She did an excellent job. I highly recommend her to anyone who is contemplating the perm-makeup procedure.

Ellen - Eyeliner
Angie did my permanent eyeliner about a year ago. It looks as good as new! My mornings are a bit less complicated thanks to her beautiful work!

Allenea - Eyebrows
I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Angie for my permanent eyebrows. I love it! I never have to struggle with being so blonde that you can't see them or get them on straight or even. You know what I'm talking about, girls!  

She does a pain free tattoo procedure. I was a little skeptical at first because I'd had my eyeliner done by someone else and it hurt like bad bee stings! With Angie I had none of that. She was very professional with her consultation. Measuring, asking about color, size, taking notes. I felt comfortable and confident in her skills. She is a professional throughout the entire process.

You will enjoy working with Angie overall. As she is kind and thoughtful, wanting to make sure you are absolutely happy with the final results. She does a free consultation, so give her a call. Maybe new eyebrows for the holiday season will be the perfect addition to your makeup routine!

Mavis - Eyebrows
Angie did my eyebrows. Amazing, I love them, and that was over two years ago! I have talked to and seen many of your clients, you do the best work of anywhere around! Keep up the outstanding work! And "PAIN FREE"!!!! 

Angi - Eyeliner
I got my eyeliner tattoo last Thursday and it is all healed already and looking awesome! I've been to other artists but Angie is the best by far. It was a great experience from start to finish!

Denise - Eyeliner and Eyebrows
Angie is extremely diligent and gifted in her craft. She truly cares about here clientele and works tirelessly to put together the right look for each one. She listened to what I wanted and worked with me to put together the correct brow shape and colors based somewhat on what I had experienced with another tattooing I received several years ago. I had my second session yesterday and feel positive that I will have attained the look I desire when all is said and done in about a weeks time.

Sonya - Eyebrows
Angie is a true professional. Her work is exceptional!

Rusti - Eyebrows and Needling
(responding to "Sonya's" comment above)  Absolutely a true statement! All that and more!!!

Michelle - Eyebrows
Angie Taylor, my cosmetic tattoo artist (yes, my eyebrows are tattooed on and yes people are always surprised to hear that.  This alone is testament to how great she is!!! 

Mylissa - Eyebrows
A number of years ago I had lost my eyebrows due to a thyroid problem and felt very self conscious. I wouldn't go anywhere without painting them on and then worried that they would rub off. Angie is the best thing I could have asked for, permanent eyebrows that look so natural. She carefully measured and designed and picked out the colors that gave me a natural look. The numbing cream that she applied made the experience pain free and relaxing, it felt more like a tickle than a tattoo. I now feel comfortable going for a facial or swimming or just going without my makeup and not worrying that someone would see me.

Kristin - Eyebrows and Eyeliner
Little props to Angie Taylor at Anew You Studio! She has tattooed my eyeliner previously (so smart and love them) but just got my eyebrows done and finished my touch up. Could not be happier! You'd never know they were tattooed. And it was painless. Either that or I'm the toughest one ever. So all that being said, thank you Angie!!! Run along now guys and book your appointment with her!

Trina - Eyeliner
I love my eyeliner and very painless!

Mavis - Eyebrows
She is the best! I love my eyebrows! No pain!!! She also takes the time to make sure everything is even and the color is right. Amazing work.

Kristin - Eyebrows
Little props to Angie at Anew You at Salon Voyant & Day Spa! She has tattooed my eyeliner previously but just got my eyebrows done and finished my touch up. Could not be happier!  You'd never know they were tattooed. And it was painless. Either that or I'm the toughest one ever. So all that being said, thank you Angie!!! Run along now guys and book your appointment with her.

Cindi - Eyebrows
I am a client of Angie Taylor. She did my brows that were so blonde it didn't look like I had any, liner on my eyes and some microneedling. She is one of the most pleasant ladies I've had the honor of getting to know. Her work was pain free and she did a phenomenal job! I trust her completely and when I need a touch up she's my girl! Thank you Angie Taylor!