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Master Artist, State Certified Instructor & Tattoo School Owner

About Services

As a dedicated artist and service provider, I am passionate about helping every client achieve their goals, and to look and feel great about themselves.  Including the assurance of absolute sanitation and safety, my top priority is providing exceptional results that you will love. If we work together it will become immediately obvious that you have my full attention, as much time as needed to create a great result, and an unwavering commitment to excellence every time we work together. Once I learn about your goals, I will provide options and tailored solutions to best fit your specific situation.

Consultations are always free. It's important to take whatever time is necessary to learn about the procedure you're considering, which is critical to the final result. During consultation every question and concern is addressed, and you will leave with a good understanding of what the service entails and how your desired result will be achieved. Please call, text or email if you'd like to arrange a time meet or to schedule a service. I look forward to learning more about you, how I can help, and potentially collaborating on your service.

As a master of permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing, I routinely create 3-D single hair eyebrows, apply eyeliner and lip color, and am one of few technicians highly skilled at scar camouflage, micro-needling, and restoring real-looking areola/nipple complex following reconstructive surgery. 

Why Choose Anew You Studio?
Results Are Superior
~With an artist’s eye, I focus on fine details that are needed for spectacular results.
~My brow, camouflage, and corrective results are extremely natural and realistic looking.
~The highest level of care and attention possible is guaranteed because I am passionate about the art created for every client.

~I am a State Certified Tattoo Instructor and an Owner of a tattoo school.

"Rushing" is Not in the Vocabulary
~Time is taken to do the job right, and will spend as much time as necessary. Great work can seldom be done quickly, and 2.5 to 4 hours is spent on a new procedure. 
~The approach is one of low volume and never perform more than 2 new or "big" procedures per day.
~Clients are never tattooed until their tissue is completely numb, and I wait patiently until that happens. Additional topical anesthetics are also applied throughout every service for the most pain-free experience possible.
~Work is performed carefully and deliberately to ensure high quality and rapid, issue free healing without bruises, scars, or extreme swelling. Hurrying can injure tissue, and excellence is never sacrificed for speed.

There is No Skimping on Products or Tools
~A variety of very effective topical numbing agents are used liberally from beginning to end.
~Only top-of-the-line pigments are used, there is an enormous color selection, and I also create custom colors.
~Continually seeing to improve skills and results, I am an innovator and developer of industry exclusive processes and techniques not found anywhere else. 

Care and Compassion 
~Significant time is spent listening and striving to understand your questions, concerns, and goals.

~Creating excellent results and connecting with every client is integral for achieving the best results possible. I care about the services I provide and the clients I spend time with. Because of this mind set, you can be confident of receiving the best artistry and client care at every visit.

Angela Taylor, Master Artist

As the founder and primary artist at Anew You Studio LLC, Angela Taylor has over 35+ years of business and executive management experience. Angela spent her career in the financial and high tech sectors including investment advisory, accounting and performance reporting, financial advisory compliance, portfolio analysis, asset allocation, software development, and business operations consulting. Angela is also a founder and Co-Owner of ATA Tattoo School LLC in Salem, OR, where she develops curriculum, instructs on tattoo theory, and teaches practical labs for cosmetic tattooing. 

See the link below for ATA Tattoo School LLC - Oregon's most innovative and efficient program where students learn theory and practical tattooing the right way!

Oregon Body Art Practitioner License #10140017

Oregon Body Art Facility License #10157274

Oregon Private Career School Owner/Director, License #2017

Oregon Private Career School Teacher Certification - Body Art & Permanent Cosmetics