We are the industry experts at 3-D Eyebrows - Only at Anew You Studio will you receive single hair tattooing with pigment layering for depth and dimension. Looks real and natural - even up close.

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Master Class, Advanced Cosmetic Tattooing

Welcome to Anew You Studio. We are professional, industry experts in Advanced Permanent Cosmetics including 3-D eyebrow tattooing with SINGLE HAIRS, eyeliner, scar camouflage, 3-D areola/nipple tattooing, and therapy to improve wrinkles and depressed scars.

With an artist's eye for color, design and detail - our results are consistently superior. As believers of "less is more", we're conservative and always place our client's best interest first. Thoughtfully proceeding with caution, our experience brings the knowledge that more colorant can always be added - but once implanted it's there until if fades or is removed. Therefore, we strive to thoroughly understand client goals and create customized solutions. We are intentionally low volume so we never rush, taking time to do the job right.

We are committed to providing excellent work quality with the highest level of personal attention possible. We love topical anesthetics, use them liberally, and always go the extra mile to ensure a pain-free experience. As we strive to exceed expectations, we work hard to achieve your goals and hope that you are thrilled with our work.

Permanent color provides long lasting results that will be enjoyed every single day. Waking up with more confidence, feeling and looking your best - is as close as a phone call. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation. 

You Really CAN Fool Mother Nature

Call us at 503-409-8491 to find out how we can help.

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