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Hair Simulation

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of conditions including genetics as related to natural thinning, chemotherapy, injury, surgical scars, and alopecia. If you are seeking a solution for hair loss or thinning - look no further. As industry experts, we utilize our in-depth expertise coupled with the latest in healing technology and top-line products. Our approach, along with high-precision artistry and Full Body Involvement, both pre-care and post-care, consistently yields superior results. 

It is no longer necessary to trek cross-country or abroad to regain your hair line. Our micro pigmentation work - simulating hair with commercial tattooing equipment and specialty colorants, provide results so real looking that you may be unable to distinguish between where your own hair ends and our work begins.

As innovators in our industry, we've pioneered a unique process and treatment regime not found anywhere else. Creating a customized plan for meeting your unique goals, we then employ Full-Body Involvement methodology to optimally prepare tissues preceding the procedure, as well as afterwards for the best results possible.  

Premium grade pigments are used, as opposed to less expensive tattoo ink. Our colorants, designed specifically for this use, offer superior stability and staying power. After expertly color matching to your hair, we painstakingly proceed with the implantation process to mimic the natural growth pattern and density. This is followed by our exclusive after-care regime which includes cutting-edge LED Light Therapy. Proven to speed the healing process, this same technology is used by many Top Spas and celebrities for pain relief, skin healing, and anti-aging effects. In addition, we enlist additional therapies to ensure the procedure, and your experience with us, is as successful as possible.  

When the process is complete, our finished product looks so much like your natural hair that even up close it may be difficult or impossible to tell the difference. Depending on various factors such as lifestyle, metabolism, medications - life span of the simulated hairs are typically measured in years before a touch-up is needed. Our "stubble effect" can also be used in areas of loss in the beard and mustache.

We are also experts at camouflaging scars from hair transplants and other injuries within the hairline, beard, and mustache. With results nothing short of spectacular, our clients are thrilled with scars that become much less noticeable and oftentimes "disappear" from sight.
 As experts and innovators in this field, we guarantee our work to be superior to that of any other service provider. And, because of our commitment and desire for this service to be affordable for everyone who wants it and needs it - we offer much more affordable pricing. Give us a call to learn how we can help you!

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