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"3-D" Single Hair Eyebrows


Our most requested service is eyebrow tattooing, and we are the West Coast experts at creating real looking "3-D" brows. If you’re tired of spending time every day drawing on your eyebrows or worrying about them rubbing off as you live your life – we can help.

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features a person  has. They frame the face, convey emotion, and when shaped properly they provide a youthful lift to the eyes and cheekbones seem more defined. They add shape, fullness, and symmetry that can deduct years off your appearance and save hours in front of the irror. Speaking in terms of physical features - nothing is more integral to one's youthful looks than a great set of eyebrows.

Once we gain a good understanding of your goals, we work with you to develop a design and color palette tailored just to you. Once we begin the tattooing process, we then layer colors to create individual tattooed "hairs". If you have existing eyebrow hairs, we blend our work to match the growth pattern and density for a very natural look. 

Our application technique yields results with an extremely realistic, three dimensional effect. We believe you will not find better eyebrow tattooing than at Anew You Studio. We are painstaking in our highly detail oriented work, and strive for perfection with every client. Our work frequently goes unnoticed because they look so real - even up close. If you don't tell anyone that your brows are tattooed - they may never know.

Aside from creating new, beautiful brows - we also repair eyebrow performed by other technicians. Most corrective work requires significant care, time and attention to effect improvement, so a pre-procedure consultation is necessary for a proper assessment. At that time we can discuss treatment options and determine an appropriate strategy for success. We guarantee to provide honest feedback on every repair project, and are committed to educating our clients with every option, explanation of risk factors, considerations and cost. We hope to empower our clients with the information theyneed to make the best and most informed decision possible.      

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