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Breast Reconstruction: Areola, Nipple Pigmentation

The art of restoring the appearance of areola and nipple tissue is oftentimes regarded as nothing short of a miracle for anyone that has undergone a mastectomy or other types of breast surgery. Our industry-changing techniques provide unequaled results that are natural looking - even up close. We can also apply color to add definition and/or give visual correction for size, shape, and symmetry.

With an artist's eye and over 30+ years of painting with water colors, oils, and acrylics, our approach is vastly different than other technicians. Engaging each client with a customized approach, we create a large color palette from which we use to create the illusion of depth and texture. Our exclusive technique for layering and varying pigment tones and hues gives an astoundingly natural, 3-D looking result. We are extremely passionate about this service, and hope to be industry changers with our work. 

Our areola restoration is "icing on the cake" for the process end, adding to the feeling of completion and regaining a sense of normalcy. We are sensitive to the issues pertaining to this very personal service, and work extremely hard to provide the most excellent results possible. Call to learn more and schedule a free consultation. Important to note as a new service to our clients - we are now capable of billing your insurance provider for post-mastectomy tattooing services.

Our Areola/Nipple Tattooing Service Include:

  • 3-D Areola-Nipple Complex Simulation - This procedure is for clients who have had breast reconstruction surgery. Pigment is implanted to create a realistic, three dimensional areola complex and nipple, with custom mixed colors for shading which gives the illusion of protrusion and texture.
  • Color & Size Adjustment – Aesthetic corrections can be applied to help address size, shape, color, and symmetry. We can help give a more balanced look, even coloring, and an overall aesthetically pleasing result following surgery. Patients with skin discoloration, lightly colored or faded tissue, or irregularities in color, shape, or size (i.e. too light/too small) can also benefit from re-pigmentation.
  • Skin Needling for Suture Lines and Port - Only at Anew You Studio will you receive Skin Needling for your suture lines and port scar, with every tattooing session. Skin Needling has multiple benefits which include filling in tissue areas along the scar line that is lower than the surrounding tissue, needling will naturally re-color scar tissue that is lighter in color than the surrounding skin, and needling will smooth, soften, and flatten scar tissue that has a rough, uneven surface. All of these benefits are a natural reaction by your skin, as part of its healing process. Needling stimulates the skin's natural production of collagen, elastin, and melanin without using fillers, injections, lasers, or anything else -just a dry tattoo needle. We also recommend using a great skin repair product, starting 3 days after each needling session. Check the link below for an example of this type of product for building collagen, adding Vitamins C & E, and revitalizing the treatment area.  Click this link for more information: Enfuselle Skin Repair

Generally 2-3 sessions are required to achieve spectacular results with superior color density, detailing, and shadowing for the illusion of texture. 

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