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Master Artist, State Certified Instructor & Tattoo School Owner

Brows Matter!

Are you tired of spending too much time drawing on your eyebrows or worrying about them rubbing off as you live your life? Creating "3-D" individual eyebrow lashes is my most requested service, with extremely realistic results - even up close. If you don't tell anyone that your brows are tattooed, they may never know.

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features a person has. They frame the face, convey emotion, and when shaped properly they can provide uplift to the eyes and cheekbones seem more defined. They add shape, fullness, and symmetry that can deduct years off your appearance and save hours in front of the mirror. Speaking in terms of physical features - nothing is more integral to one's youthful looks than a great set of eyebrows.

After gaining a good understanding of your goals, we work together to determine the best shape, color palette, and placement. Individual "hairs" are created and blended into your existing brow, matching to your growth pattern and density for the most natural look possible. Over the course of two full length sessions, we precisely measure and level your brows to ensure symmetry, balance, and superior aesthetics. We pay acute attention to the smallest details every step along the way - nowhere else will you receive this level of artistry, care, attention, and time commitment.  

Also specializing in correction of eyebrow tattoos done elsewhere, I routinely accept the most technically difficult cases including those recommended for surgical excision. In every case, significant improvements can be achieved, but patience is required. The best corrective work requires superior technical skills, time, and attention to details in order to achieve optimal results. A consultation, which is free, is suggested to properly assess and quote the job. Committed to full disclosure, I guarantee that my feedback will be honest and informative, and I always provide education, explanation of risk factors, options and costs involved to help you make the best decision possible.